I didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas since I was born and raised on the other side of the world, where Christmas has only recently become commercialized. In 2012, my husband (then boyfriend)’s family invited me to celebrate Christmas with them for the first time and I was so happy my mother-in-law asked me to help her decorate the Christmas tree.

I had always thought the sole purpose of Christmas ornaments was to beautify the tree; little did I know each of her ornaments told a story. As we unwrapped boxes of ornaments, she showed me the year written on each and told me the story behind them.

As you look for new ornaments to adorn your tree this holiday season, I want you to think back on the significant moments from this year. Whether you got married, had a baby, bought your first house, went on an amazing vacation, whatever it may be, try to find an ornament that will help you remember it.

Here are 8 handmade Christmas ornaments that are not just beautiful, but will continue to tell a story years and years from now.

1) This ornament is for you if you got married this year! What a great way to celebrate and remember your first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs.
First Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. ornament by Letter & Adore.


Below are a few ornaments that are perfect to celebrate a baby’s first Christmas.

2) Have a baby shower coming up before the holidays? Tie this adorable sweater ornament to your baby shower gift to give it an extra special touch. And don’t forget to let your mommy friend know she can also use it as a Christmas ornament to celebrate the baby.
Christmas Sweater Ornament by Tokyo Blossom.


3) This little wood slice ornament is hand lettered and painted and is ready to be customized with that special baby’s name.
Baby’s First Christmas Ornament by Letter & Adore.


4) I love products that are multi-purposed, like this wire ornament, which can also be used as a door hanger or wall decor after Christmas, makes the perfect gift for any child in your life!
Personalized Wire Ornament by Handcrafted Affairs.


5) This cute little baby onesie ornament is completely customizable with baby’s name, weight, length, and birth date.
Baby’s First Christmas Ornament by Wedding Banner Love.


6) Did you go on a coastal excursion this year? This little tree ornament is handcrafted with 100% driftwood and makes a perfect reminder of your vacation.
Driftwood Tree Ornament by Iron and Tides.


7) If you became a doggie parent this year, this laser cut dog ornament is perfect for you!
Pet Name Ornament by ByLaney.


8) Raise your hand if you have a weenie dog! My husband and I can’t wait to get one when we have our own house.
Dog Embroidery Hoop Ornament by The Barmy Fox.


I hope these handmade ornaments inspired you to shop with more intention this Christmas. What are some significant moments from 2016 that you would like to remember? I’d love to read them in the comments below!