Snail Mail Rubber Stamp Collection Launching on Wednesday, April 11th

snail mail rubber stamp collection by Letter and Adore
The new Snail Mail Rubber Stamp Collection has been in the works for almost a month and I’m so excited to announce that it will be launching in just a couple of days! This collection will feature 10 custom return address stamps and 4 accessory stamps! All new listings will be live at 10 AM Eastern on Wednesday, April 11th!

About the Collection

As much as I use technology on a daily basis, I truly believe handwritten letters are more special than emails, paper invitations more personal than digital, and care packages can warm any heart. The Snail Mail Rubber Stamp Collection was created to make addressing your mail and packages easier and more fun than ever!

Who Would Love These Stamps

1) Couples that are planning a wedding. Every engaged couple can use a custom return address stamp to finish off their wedding envelopes. It not only saves time, but more importantly, the added stress that comes with hand addressing invitations.

2) New homeowners. The house portrait return address stamp makes a perfect housewarming gift! Seeing a sweet little illustration of their new home (that’s also functional) will sure put a smile on your gift recipient’s face.

house portrait return address stamp

3) Snail mail enthusiasts. If you enjoy expressing your love and care through care packages and handwritten notes, these accessory stamps will sure add an extra special touch on your mail.

All Letter + Adore stamps come ready to gift in a muslin bag placed in a box of white crinkle paper.
return address stamp gift

A Few Announcements

  • Each of the first 50 orders will receive a bonus “thank you” card, sneak peek in VIP group.
  • 4 design-specific promo codes will be shared by different creatives on social media. I will tag all 4 of them in my posts on Wednesday.
  • An exclusive giveaway will happen in my VIP group on launch day! Have you joined yet?

StazOn multi-surface ink pad

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