How to Organize Your Wedding Guest List + A Free Template Download

wedding guest list template download

Let’s face it, putting together your wedding guest list isn’t much fun; but it CAN be done with less stress!

How? Start with a spreadsheet to stay organized. Better yet, I have a pre-made wedding guest list template for you to download and customize.

If you’re just getting started with your guest list, you’ll want to…

  1. Fill out the “Must Invite”, “Should Invite”, and “Want to Invite” sheets.
  2. Copy everything from the “Must Invite” sheet to your “Final Wedding Guest List”sheet.
  3. Depending on your budget and venue capacity, copy select names from your “Should Invite” and “Want to Invite” sheets to create your final wedding guest list.

If you already have a final guest list, go ahead and start collecting those mailing addresses! You can also share it with your parents and future in-laws and have them fill in family’s addresses for you!

There you have it—a comprehensive wedding guest list that you can use in so many ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Giving to your calligrapher or stationer to address your wedding envelopes
  • Putting together party guest lists, think bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, baby shower, etc.
  • Compiling your first Christmas card list

Grab my free wedding guest list template and get organized!

how to organize your wedding guest list with this free template


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