What I’m Working on in 2018

Letter and Adore 2018 Goals

If you haven’t read my last blog or seen my recent social media post, my husband and I moved to Cambodia mid-February. There were some complications with our travels and it ended up taking us extra time and a trip to Singapore to get the visas we needed to stay here long-term.

Now that we’re settled in Phnom Penh, I’m jumping full force back into Letter + Adore.

For my first 3 years in business, I focused my time and energy on custom client work. I thoroughly enjoyed working with all my clients; however, I just won’t be able to keep it up as we get ready to expand our family.

With big life changes also come big business changes. Instead of custom calligraphy projects, you’ll see more product lines and fun collections coming to Letter + Adore in 2018. Here’s a quick rundown…

1) Release a rubber stamp line.

I am currently working on the Snail Mail Collection of the stamp line. On April 11, 10 new return address stamp designs will be hitting the shop, along with a few non-custom designs to add a fun touch to your envelopes! *Hint* The first 50 orders will include a bonus gift.

calligraphy return address stamp

2) Open up a digital shop by the end of summer.

This is something I’ve been mulling over for years and 2018 is finally the year to do it. I am slowly building a library of digital files to share with you before the end of summer. In the Letter + Adore digital shop, you’ll be able to purchase hand lettered svg files, printables, and calligraphy worksheets.

3) Create an Enneagram collection.

Ever since a friend from our life group shared about the Enneagram last fall, I have been hooked. If you’re a personality assessment junkie like me, go take this free Enneagram assessment now and let me know your type in the comment below. I have learned so much about my strengths and weaknesses, my tendencies in interacting with others, especially with my husband, and the areas that need growth. By the way, I am a 4, the Individualist.

Learning about the Enneagram has inspired me so much I decided to create a collection around it, including at least one product for each type.

4) Create a semi-custom invitation suite line.

As much as I love working with each individual couple to create the perfect invitation suites unique to them, the back and forth process just won’t fit in my current stage of life. I also understand that many couples are looking for elegant designs but don’t necessarily have the budget for full custom suites. With all that in mind, I’ll be working on a semi-custom paper goods line this fall with a projected launch date in January of 2019.

So there you have it…the 4 main projects I have slated for 2018. In addition to those, I also have a few smaller projects; like adding a wedding collection and business collection to the stamp line, designing more greeting cards, creating a Christmas collection with brand new products, etc.

Now I would love to hear what you have planned for 2018. Share with me in the comments and let’s achieve those big goals together this year!

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